Delaware Auto Transport

Ship Your Vehicle Direct. No Middle Man!

Frank’s Automotive Shipping and Transport service provider, for shipment of vehicles around the state of Delaware for the last 25 years.

At Frank we aim to give our clients no botheration once we are there as the vehicle is picked up from the door and delivered at the destination. An fully insured company which has professional employees to help you around the clock with the services.

Frank has provided dependable auto transport services for individuals, private corporations, moving and relocating companies, military personnel and many car dealers nationwide as we operate both locally and nationally with 24 hours dispatch available. The trucks used for transportation have wheel-lifts and support multiple car transport.

There are no hidden insurances or fuel surcharges, if you choose us. Frank is committed to give smooth and efficient service by providing state of the art equipments.

The services provided are very affordable and the most cost effective as you are shipping direct without a middleman or broker. A special feature with us is that we provide Pre-post delivery vehicle inspection and make our customers available with large, secure storage lot. We also give personalized quotes that are suited according to your budget as we believe in true customer service.

Delaware facts and figures

Delaware is a state located at Atlantic coast. The state is named after Delaware River. It has more number of Doctoral degrees (PhDs) than any other state and the only state without a National park.

Population: It is the second smallest, the sixth least populous of the 50 US states..

Economy: Agriculture, Manufacturing, Service industry.

Landmark: Delaware Art Museum, First State Heritage Park, junction and Breakwater trail.

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